We’d like to have Rep. Bob Goodlatte hold a town hall in his district so we can tell him how we feel about the policies of the Trump administration and about the help he’s giving them. After the visit, this page will remain as a resource for those in the district opposed to the Trump administration.

Linked into the title of each section are three easy tools we can use to hold Bob Goodlatte accountable — and get him to do a town hall. Use this website to organize in your community, and share it throughout the 6th Congressional District.

Facebook Event Pages

While Congressman Goodlatte hasn’t held a town hall in our district since 2013, he does hold “open door meetings”. He sends a staff member to these where they help individuals with individual cases, and seldom allow for public discussion. Following the link will take you to a Google Doc with links to Facebook events for every single open door meeting the congressman holds throughout the month.

Find an open door meeting near you, RSVP on the Facebook event page, share the event on your personal Facebook page, and attend the meeting. Use these pages to organize within your own community. They allow you to see who is going, who is interested in going, and general coordination.

Interactive Google Map

Above is another tool that can be used for organizing — a google map that has pins dropped on the locations of all the open door meetings throughout the 6th Congressional District. This makes seeing how far you are from one of these events easier from a geographical perspective.

Scripted Request For Bob

When going to these events, you should  try and talk about issues important to you. Goodlatte’s staff may not allow  for public discussion by only taking individual cases.

Above is a link to a script that you should print out and bring with you when you go to the open door meetings. You can write your personal information to show you’re a constituent, but also has our unified request for the Congressman: that he hold a town hall before April in Lynchburg, Roanoke, or Harrisonburg in the evening hours so highest number of people can attend.

These should be printed out and given to Goodlatte’s staff in the event that you are not able to express your concerns to them in a public manner.